Marketing Services

5% - 10% Commission

Brand Marketing Planning

Suhu helps establish brand positioning and product promotion content that match the Chinese market; helps brands carry out content dissemination channels and CRM operation management, and establishes social platform accounts for effective communication with consumers


Marketing Budget Analysis

SUHU communicated with the brand on the budget, and made a marketing dismantling table, which was confirmed by the brand.


Create Marketing Content

SUHU helps brands to produce targeted content that matches brand positioning and is accepted by consumers; matches appropriate communication channels for brand content; cooperates with confirmed KOL or MCN organizations; helps brands complete promotion


Marketing Data Analysis

1 Time / Month

Combining brand positioning and providing market hotspots, with the help of excellent integrated marketing capabilities and precise consumer positioning capabilities, Suhu provides suggestions on optimizing product mix and pricing strategies for brands to help brands enhance their brand influence. By helping brands create top-selling products, Suhu helps brands increase the conversion rate of marketing investment in the first stage and increase the overall sales of brand products. Through the use of social networking sites, in-platform advertising, and theme marketing, we cooperate with influencers, constantly innovate marketing content, increase brand awareness, and use influencer crowd fan portraits. Strengthen the efficiency of reaching target users, so as to maximize the value of brand marketing, help brands educate the market, quickly establish contact with target customers, and strengthen brand imprint.

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