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Hongkong Suhu brand management team has more than 5 years of omni-channel experience in the Chinese market. We help brands from brand positioning, marketing construction, e-commerce channel layout, brand management, omni-channel sales management, and help more than 20+ brands enter the Chinese market. At present, the sales GMV of many brands in the Chinese market has exceeded 100 million yuan.


Overseas Member

  • Exclusive Distributor in China

    Exclusive Distributor in China-Help the brand match with China's competitive exclusive distributor partners in China; help the brand find a strong Chinese production supplier and reduce costs.

  • Marketing

    Enhance brand exposure The Xiaohongshu account is operated on behalf of the brand. The brand provides text content or video pictures and other materials. The brand authorizes Yimeishang to open an official account, but is not responsible for opening a store. Yimeishang helps translate (published once a week).

  • Industry Reports

    Analysis reports on omni-channel, representative brands, category trends, marketing models, etc. in the Chinese market (an analysis report once a year).

  • In-time Information

    Regular sharing of key information on the Chinese market (released once a week).

  • Business Guide

    Guidance on the specific operation process for brands to enter the Chinese market, helping overseas brands understand the channels and e-commerce platforms for entering the Chinese market.

  • Third-Partner Resources

    Connect with third-party service agencies for brands, help overseas brands to register CFDA and trademarks, and provide services such as customs brokers, cross-border warehousing, domestic warehousing in China, and legal consulting on demand.

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